Seattle traffic math illustrated, or how drivers and cyclists can work together

I added to post on my three-reader strong Bikelops blog today about the fact that Seattle is poised to become the bike commuter capital of the U.S., if only people can embrace the inevitable change that is happening. All it takes is riding a bike or walking to work or the grocery store instead of driving.

Since this blog has a somewhat stronger reach with its ten readers (well, really it’s more like 150, all very much appreciated), I’m sharing the graphic with you here. I’ll concede straight up that my graphic is mostly lovingly crafted, colored, and formatted text, yet I think it’s gets the point across in simple terms.

The point is not that we should altogether cease driving cars; it’s not an ‘us versus them’ equation. People who ride also drive, and the opposite can be true. In the dead of winter, when temperatures plummet, driving often makes more sense, but during the rest of the year, riding a bike to work or the grocery store is infinitely more compatible with the green lifestyle people purport to desire.

The point is that we can augment in-city transport with bicycles in such a way that it alleviates the traffic mess we all dislike, while reducing reliance on foreign oil, living with the environment instead of destroying it, and gaining the immense health and well-being benefits of regular exercise.

Interesting Fact: Traffic is so bad here that a physically fit cyclist can ride virtually any 30 to 45-minute trip in Seattle faster than it can be driven in a car.

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Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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