Just narrow your focus

People tend to want to have a broad focus. Heck, I’ve made a career out of it. One thing I’ve noticed working with entrepreneurs is that when you narrow your focus, people tend to become more effective.

I have shaky hands, and writing with them for any length of time tends to get painful fast. It’s a fact of being me, a physical nerve thing. Instead of writing with pen and paper, most of the time I use a computer.

When I’m traveling, lugging a computer around isn’t such a treat, plus the level of distraction they impose is huge. Asus seems to have made a computer precisely suited to my needs in that it weighs just 2.4 lbs., has a tiny footprint, and it does almost nothing really well (painfully slow startup [think x386], and it’s not fast enough to stream). The one thing it’s great for is writing.

Who knew someone would make a computer that is so slow it’s best suited for just one thing. Narrow focus can be a great ally.

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