R.I.P. Hannah Albert

Hannah Albert was first my friend, then doctor, then artist. Always true.

One of my most valued friends passed away this week. Strangely, we barely knew each other, yet she knew quite a bit about my health. Hannah Albert was, for me, among the most unique of doctors.

Hannah’s Naturopath/Homeopath office was much like her at that time, unassuming and private, and was always stocked with flavorful teas. Her attention was intense as she asked questions and took notes. I noticed how our intake processes were quite similar, and learned a bit about myself through that. What she did with the intel was phenomenal, prescribing a remedy that completely changed my interaction with the stuff of life, air.


For many, Hannah was a talented artist, sharing paintings with the world. Her earlier works featured defined edges, patterns, and personal themes, while her latter works seemed abstract on initial viewing, yet if you paused and studied them, revealed shapes and palettes that were quite expressive and often personal. As she described it in a video, she brought out the details that had organically appeared and seemed to need their voice developed.

Repeated cancer battles consumed much of Hannah’s energy and dialog over the last several years, but rather than fight those battles alone, she took to online communities, sharing details and art, highs and lows, health updates and new photos, right up to the end. It was possible, from reading replies, to see that Hannah had many loving friends.

Knowing this person who had been so instrumental in opening up my airways was out in the world, being her truest self in her art and life was always a sort of comfort. I missed her immediately upon her passing.

Some people, it seems they give the world more than they get. I hope that in the course of her life Hannah got back what she gave, because she truly deserved a great deal.

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Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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