Changing focus several times at once

Update: Shift One, Typekirk, my type foundry was launched in July.

For many years, I have written about branding and marketing, yet when I examine analytics for this site, consistently, posts about branding and marketing are the least read, while a single post about gluten-free eating gets 30x the traffic of any other post. This shows that while my Train of Thought clients want to know that I understand the intricacies of graphic design, branding, and marketing, relatively few people actually read the marketing posts here on my personal site. Why waste solid marketing wisdom?

Time for a few changes here.

For one, I enjoy helping people succeed. I really do. Branding and marketing is all about that, and I already have a company that does that quite successfully. Train of Thought has now been helping companies for 24 years. Most marketing and branding posts will now be on our Train of Thought blog. I hope you will sign up for our list Train of Thoughts, which receives exclusive monthly articles.

Working smarter, graphic design, advertising, branding, and marketing – at least in the transformative manner I practice them – are not tidbit topics. Instead, learning about them in ways you can put to practical use takes time, dedication, passion, and experience. It’s the first of those – time – that is often hardest for people, because we all want instant results, yet effective marketing is all about making long term efforts. If you seek the inspiration tidbits (and some outstanding insights), much of which is in sync with my approach, read Seth’s blog.

Rather than try to connect with shorter posts, I am asking readers to subscribe to Train of Thought’s email newsletter, which contains exclusive wisdom and shared experience. I will also write posts that answer tough questions, so if you have a marketing dilemma that has you stuck, sign up for Train of Thoughts – note the ‘s’, and ask me a question. You may just find your answer directly addressed in an article.

You can sign up for the Train of Thoughts, monthly marketing matters list there – in the upper right sidebar – after which you will receive exclusive articles.

I have others initiatives in the hopper, and will be talking about and showing them here as they launch. Thanks for reading.

Kelly Hobkirk - teaching marketers how to harness strategy, goals, reality, and purpose to connect and do better work.


Kelly Hobkirk has been helping companies succeed in creative ways for nearly 25 years. His work has been featured in Time Magazine, and books by Rockport and Rotovision. Get exclusive articles when you sign up for his monthly newsletter.

Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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