How did we get here? The gay marriage vote

How did we get to a point of a gay marriage vote? How did we get to a point in society when the very thoughts, rights, and inborn feeling of human beings in our country were actually up for vote? This seems, at the very least, antediluvian in nature, if not draconian.

When one community’s beliefs are shunned or deemed improper, splinters occur. That’s how underground sex clubs, public restroom hookups, and rampant prejudice happened here. The road back to civilization and equality is a long one, as plainly evidenced by the African-American plight, which has spanned over a century.

When one splinter occurs, others follow. The more splinters our society spurs on, the less coherent and globally relevant our collective efforts become. What happened to ‘together we stand’? It’s not like standing next to a gay person or couple will threaten my well-being as a straight guy. We’re all human.

By the way, large splinters sometimes rise to overthrow their oppressors.

The fact that there is now a vote on the legality of gay marriage is an insult to humanity. Baby steps? Sure, ok, but come on! I think we can all agree on the idea that everybody needs somebody.

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Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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