How to Become More Productive Instead of a Better Tweeter

Are you really so desperate to find an audience that you have made it a top priority to get people to follow you on Twitter? I like Twitter, sort of, but I use it in fits and starts. Or to be more precise, I use it when I have the time to use it. There are better ways to find an audience. The best way is to do something remarkable. People will then seek you out.

Steve Rubel says you should spend 15 minutes a day scanning the internet for unusual stuff that people may want to read and cannot find on their own because they don’t have the time. Do you have the time? I mean, really, do you?

And really, how much unusual stuff can you find when all of it is readily available to anyone with a connection? If we are all reading tweets about the same unusual stuff, how unusual can it be?

Add up 15 minutes a day, factoring in an extra 15 minutes per day of distracted reading time, and it is pretty easy to see that becoming a tweet star is going to cost you 2.5 hours per week. I can design a good logo in that amount of time, or write several blog posts, or even write a book chapter.

Can you be more productive with 2.5 hours of work time per week?

P.S. The genius in Steve’s article, IMO, is in setting up your iGoogle page in the way he recommends.

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