The problem with marketing

Writing about marketing is a never-ending affair. I could post here several times per day every day, and never run out of ways to enthusiastically review the same core marketing truths, but that’s kind of boring. In fact, marketing can be boring, but it doesn’t need to be.

When you do it right, marketing is downright exciting because the connections that occur are amazing. It’s just that most companies don’t bother to do it right, so they never realize this truth.

They’re looking for that quick fix. They want to reap big rewards with as little effort as possible. Thing is, marketing doesn’t work that way.

Marketing reaches its most effective state with constant effort, after planting sturdy roots. If you skip the first part, as most companies do, the never-ending effort becomes harder and harder. And that’s boring.

So what’s the easy way to set that core foundation? Well, that would be a quick fix, wouldn’t it? And there are none of those.

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