Find your blog niche or get lost (like a sock)

How many blogs do you read? 5? 10? 30? You probably have an expectation of what you can find on each blog you read regularly. Whether it’s mothering, parenthood, money-saving household tips, or branding and marketing advice, chances are that you know exactly why you read each one.

One of the most common things I see on business blogs is a near total lack of focus. Defining your blog niche and sticking to it will gain you the regular readers that you seek. If you skip defining a niche, people won’t know what to expect from a visit to your blog, and guess what? They won’t visit for very long.

Here is a simple way to wrap your mind around this concept: Do you put your socks in the same drawer every week? Or do you move them around to different drawers after every washing? I’m going to bet that you have a sock drawer where you always put your socks after laundering them. You know exactly where you will find clean socks each day. If you opened your sock drawer one day and found t-shirts instead, you might be confused and start looking in other drawers.

It works the same way with blogs that have a defined niche. The author always covers the same primary subject matter so that regular readers know exactly which blog to visit to find the information they need. If the author suddenly changes the subject matter, readers would feel lost and go elsewhere to get the information they wanted.

This blog offers some unusual insights into the many facets of branding and marketing. You wouldn’t come here to read about rutabagas or, well, socks, would you?

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