Save your best for first

You know that old advice for saving the best for last? Well, it’s time to toss that out the window. Instead, try saving your best for first.

No holding back anymore. Now is the time to do your best, which, by the way, makes me wonder when exactly was the time for saving the best for last? (Oh, that’s right, when eating pie.)

The problem with saving your best for last is simple: If your second best doesn’t impress, your best may never be seen.

Your second best may not be worth the effort, but your best almost certainly is. If you hold back your best, someone else may well spring upon the idea and beat you to it.

You will enjoy your efforts far more when you’re realizing your best vision. So will others, which means you stand a far greater chance of succeeding.

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Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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