Innovative sales and smart design make for better bicycle commuting

I recently switched to bicycle commuting for everything from getting groceries to medical appointments to errands. I haven’t driven for a couple of weeks now. Carrying some things, like a watermelon or large loads for instance, have proven challenging but do-able. Innovative sales and smart design have made the transition easier.

Amazon has made it easier for me to switch by selling and delivering groceries in bulk. I no longer have to carry cartons of hemp or rice milk. I order a case of it at a savings, and it’s delivered right to my door.

The fact is I don’t need to get everything in one stop at the grocery store. Multiple trips on different days, with smaller hauls, allows me to get more exercise. (And it doesn’t cost me a penny more in gasoline.) The increase in energy that comes with aerobic exercise pays mad dividends come work time. I’m sharper and more efficient.

Icebreaker and Rapha manufacture and sell stink-free merino wool cycling clothing, so I can sweat without worrying about knocking people over upon entering an appointment.

What’s more, I can wear my company and my clients’ names on my jerseys whilst I ride around town. Free brand exposure and exercise—what could be better?

One thing that has become apparent is the city of Seattle’s need for more street-side bike racks. Local stores either have no racks or the one or two they have are often full. That’s a good solvable problem. They could fill some auto parking lot stalls with bike racks, which would net them far more shoppers.

Can you imagine what it’s like to look forward to every trip you take out the door? Try bicycle commuting, and you shall know. The ride makes getting to and from places far more fun. And good design has made it much easier.

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