Change is easy, make work exciting

Why make work exciting? If your work is mind-numbing, imagine how your product feels. Imagine how the people using your product experience it. Mind-numbing is mind-numbing no matter how you market it. It comes through in your dialog, in your brand, and in your product.

We need excitement!

There is always a new way to package an old product. A twist on an idea, a tweak that makes a new product or changes everything. That’s what we need. And nearly anyone can do it (which means you can too).

When you change how you work, you change your product.

I have a client who has been extremely successful over the years, but now she’s having a hard time dealing with the new economy. I’ve listened to her look at every angle under the sun as to why things aren’t working like they used to. But she’s skipping one very important thing. Actually, it’s the #1 most important thing.

It’s her.

The question is not why things aren’t working like they used to. In fact, that’s not a question—it’s a fact. The only thing she needs to change to regain her success pattern is her approach to work. That means she has to change. Change is hard. Well, it seems hard. Change is easy when you consider the benefits and the fact that the same amount of effort is required whether she works the old way or changes and works in a new way.

The truth is change is exciting, and since ‘exciting’ and ‘nervous’ produce the same feeling in the stomach, we tend to avoid both.

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