Are you backing an anchor-holder?

We tend to believe in the people we work with. It’s in our nature. It’s also in the fibers we weave together as team members, coworkers, or client and service provider.

Most of the time the equation works out great, with a natural symbiosis strengthening relationships and producing better work.

Occasionally, an anchor-holder will find their way into your team, and a weak link is created. Sometimes that person is a boss, a friend, coworker or client, and you may not even be aware they are dragging you down.

There are hints if you are paying attention, such as verbally wallowing in past failures, asking ‘why the world is doing this’ to them, or looking for every excuse under the sun to not take responsible action. Sometimes, they’re just repeating the same mistakes over and over, wondering why life is so hard, listening to no one. I call these anchor-holders.

They could drop the anchor, but they actually choose to hold it, knowing it will weight them down.

If you are backing an anchor-holder, your life is harder too. Their dialog is hypnotic, sapping energy and time, like a siren leading you to shipwreck.

One day, ask that person to hold out both hands. In each hand, place a feather, and ask them to describe how it feels.

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