Why not try?

I have an idea. Well, actually I had an idea, and now it’s a business model accompanied by a plan. It’s not my number one focus – that title is taken by my branding firm, and it has to stay number one because it enables everything else.

I ran the idea by two of my most valued, respected life friends mentors who have similar industry experience, yet my business model travels down an entirely different path. One of them said the idea would never work, even without hearing any of the details. So of course, I have to try it now.

What I want to do, it’s never been done before. It’s ambitious, in step with the times, and definitely has great possibilities. So I have to try.

See, I believe that just about anyone can do just about anything if they are sincere, hard-working, dedicated to succeeding, and have an exceptional idea. That’s why I enjoy working with start-ups so much. They’re most often headed up by passionate people working with a shoestring budget, and need more hand-holding than the average businessperson. Advisors tell me not to take them on as clients because it’s simply not as profitable, but I just can’t resist. The possibility of helping their crazy ideas succeed is just too enticing, too exciting, too full of possibility for me to pass them up. Crazy ideas change the world.

Told of my new idea, my most trusted, respected business mentor told me to work on it in the background when I can, but to keep my focus on Train of Thought. That’s sound advice, and I’ll stick to it. Then, when I can make the time in my schedule to create something new, I’ve got to try, especially when someone tells me it will never work. That’s what most people said over 18 years ago when I co-founded Train of Thought, which was profitable from day one.

When I hear someone say, “It will never work,” my first thought is, ‘But what if it does work?!’ Then I think about all the possibilities, both bad and good. The thrill of possible victory always outweighs the doubts. Sometimes it takes years to bring an idea to fruition, sometimes only weeks. No matter the idea, I write it down, file it, build on it, and dream about it when I can.

What do you want to do? Do it! There is no time like the present.

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Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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  1. …and then you DO IT. And then obstacles, then frustrations, and everything can feel like it’s slowing down. The ebb and flow is killer.

    Either way, it’s no fun without action.

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