Shouting from rooftops – Why I turned off Facebook timeline posts

I turned off the option for other people to post on my Facebook timeline a few weeks ago when someone posted an inappropriate comment on ‘my wall’. (And no, I won’t share it here either.) People reacted by sending a bunch of emails asking why I turned off sharing? (Which was kind of flattering in a way.) I had no idea anyone would notice, but they did.

I turned off Facebook timeline posts because I can’t watch my wall like a hawk, the delete button at the ready for the next time someone decides to litter on my page. I’m not like the corner store who has to keep paint at the ready to cover wall tags.

People asked why I didn’t just hide the one offensive post from the wall. The problem was that it was there for a time for all the Facebook world to see before I saw it. I’m not on Facebook 24/7, and really can’t be. If I knew for sure everyone would keep it honest and appropriate, I’d leave sharing on.

I’m surprised that I would have to watch people’s comments at all, for reasons other than general interest. Would you shout from a rooftop all of the things you say on Facebook? Because that’s essentially what it is, only with a broader reach than your voice could ever carry on its own. (Shouting from rooftops might even be more fun, despite the lack of world-wide distance.)

Maybe I’ll turn the open timeline posting back on again one day. Perhaps even soon (though I really like the view from rooftops, and may go there instead). Maybe I’ll see you on the next one?

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Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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