Invisible changes to your personal brand

Have you taken stock of a big personal change in your recent past? We are constantly changing, even if we are unaware of it. Your change could be anything or any size—little or huge. It could be insignificant or profound. It could be chemical or theoretical. It could effect your entire life, or just one small aspect of it.

My big change in 2011 was in my reflexes, which went from slow to lightning fast. You know how you see a glass falling and you know you can’t catch it? You know it’s going to hit the ground, and you pray it won’t shatter. Well, I can catch it (or whatever I drop) now. Every time. And I do it without thinking.

It’s not just about dropping stuff either. My decision-making process has been permanently altered. Where I used to deliberate on virtually any decision, I now make most decisions in seconds flat.

This was not a conscious choice, nor anything I practiced. It was a direct result of surviving pain. I had no idea the transformation was occurring, and I didn’t fully recognize it until perhaps a year later. I started by noticing I could catch that falling glass. Then by seeing that I made choices faster; that snap decisions truly were a snap. Awesome!

Every time we undergo a significant life event, a change occurs in our approach going forward. There is value in taking a moment to reflect on the changes, so you can see how far-reaching they are and how they influence the rest of your life.

You may not even be aware that your personal brand has been strengthened along the way. Once you recognize change, you can use the result to improve your confidence and enhance your message.

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