Why ask why?

Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear? We all talk about how the man must have been insane. I don’t recall anyone asking, back in school, why he did it. I’ve read he was madly frustrated, but no one says why.

In the old school, ‘why’ slowed things down. It caused delays. They couldn’t teach you in the allotted time if they always had to answer to why.

Why provides purpose. Why speeds things up. Why increases efficiency and effectiveness. Why provides critical answers and illuminates new ideas. Why is good for marketing and connecting.

Young children ask why every hour of every day. As we grow up, we stop asking why for some unknown reason. Our parents or boss tells us not to ask why, so we put our head down and do what we’re told. Why should we do that? Maybe it’s fear, or maybe we aren’t inspired. Why are we uninspired?

Inventors, engineers, artists, researchers, parents, and children ask why. You can too. Now is the perfect time to take your curiosity to next level. How do you start? Just ask why.

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