There is no new thing under the sun, except that there is

“There is no new thing under the sun.” – Solomon

Two great reasons this phrase is so powerful: 1) it wields the power to inspire, and 2) it suggests all humans are equal.

The quote embodies balance. It incenses people if a larger perspective is not present, but compliments if one is. It purports that given the same input parameters of life, all thoughts will revolve around the same ideas. Of course, not all thoughts will, and anyone inspired to rebel against the phrase may possess the ire to prove it incorrect (or at least give it a hard-working try) and inspire others.

It also speaks to our equality as human beings and our realistic relationship with the earth. We are the earth, or rather part of its living matter, and we will inherently be so as long as the earth lives. Any other significance in our lives, such as hierarchy, wealth, sisterhood, place, and so on is based on ideas we make up through thoughts.

I often wonder how elements not under the sun, such as those inside or above it, might effect those open to such an idea. It seems unlikely that physical matter both inside and outside the sun reside ‘under the sun’.

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