Simple advice for camera-shy people

For camera-shy people, I have some advice I give. I used to be camera-shy too. I really did not like having my picture taken, but one day when I was seventeen and taking senior pictures, I told the photographer to stop posing me, stop telling me where to stand, how to hold my arms, stop asking me to smile, stop everything. Just let me look directly into the camera as I am, and take the shot.

That photo, the one where I asked the artist, the photographer, to just capture me doing my thing, that was the one in the yearbook. Every professional photo I’ve done since then has been like that: honest and straightforward, me.

There can’t be any fear of honest photography because there is nothing fake, it’s just you. Good photographers know how to capture reality. And they really listen.

If you know a professional photographer who truly listens to her or his subjects, do me a favor and send me their name and a link to their site. Thanks.

Link to a good photographer: Earl Harper Studios

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Thank you! This is going to feel good.

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