Humanity-based marketing is full cycle goodness

When your interactions are driven by the core concept of humanity-based marketing, everyone is happy. Think about it — all marketing is about humans (just ask your cat). Many companies miss this when considering customer service policies, and we all recognize it when it happens. It’s that whole ‘Do unto others…’ concept falling flat on its face (which never feels good). That’s when we encounter disconnect. But when your marketing is driven by the concepts embodied by our most often shared similarities, connections occur.

Humanity-focused policies and concepts give marketing and customer service departments an easier job because their messages connect better with people. Working with open minds is always preferable, and there’s no better way to open minds than to connect with people.

Sales has an easier job too because they are respected by the corporate offices and customers alike.

Corporate has an easier job because they are working with honor while keeping employees and customers happy (and most likely, profits higher).

Shipping is happy because they are shipping often, and they are treated well. Plus, they can see how great a job everyone else is doing.

Finally, customers are happy because your company is respecting them. That’s when they speak well of your brand, which makes your marketing department and everyone else happy.

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