Logos that rock our world

I often site examples of great logo design in my presentations. A logo can say so much about a company before anyone has even seen the company’s offerings. No other visual symbol is as valuable to a company as their logo.

Three logos that stand out as shining examples of great strategic identity design are those of Nike, Apple and Starbucks.

  1. The Nike swoosh has speed and power, which is exactly
    what Nike customers want. It is also suggestive of a road. Nike started
    out making running shoes, so the road reference was perfect.

  2. The Apple logo is a reference to Sir Isaac Newton, an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural
    philosopher, and alchemist, regarded by many as one of the greatest
    figures in the history of science, and the bite out
    of the apple immediately engages people on an emotional level. Further, the apple is an incredibly powerful symbol from the tree of knowledge in the Book of Genesis, tapping even further into our emotional core.

  3. The Starbucks logo made coffee, a murky brown, gritty,
    often burnt stimulant, sexy. People are
    willing to pay more for sexy goods than ugly goods. How do you sell a
    ten cent cup of coffee for four bucks? Make it sexy. Job well done.

All of these companies’ logos instantly come to mind when their names are mentioned, whether or not you use their products. We all know what these names stand for. That is some very powerful imagery that was not created by accident.

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