How to please everyone and keep your soul intact

There’s some ancient business wisdom that says you can’t please everyone, and it’s partially right. Yet it’s also confusing. The fact is that everyone in your market can be pleased. All they have to do is like what you offer. But some people, the ones who need tension, choose to fight.

The thing you need to know is that it’s not you, and it’s not your brand. It’s them. They have a momentary need for tension, and they are in a pushing mood. They want to fight with someone, anyone, and you happen to be available.

The thing you need to know is that you should basically ignore the pushing. If you’ve got one customer who dislikes something, while hundreds or thousands have never uttered a peep about the same topic, you need not change your entire offering to please the one.

You also should note that ignoring the push does not mean ignoring the customer’s need. Give them what they want if you can. If they need some tension, gently offer them some. Or let them know you are listening by offering understanding. But don’t throw your brand under the bus to kowtow to an unreasonable criticism.

If your brand is true, your offering is well-liked, and you are there for your customers, you’re doing the best you can. A person who isn’t pleased by your best either wants something else or they temporarily want to be displeased. Let them, for in doing so you are actually pleasing them.

How to keep your soul intact? Easy, just stay true.

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