Are you doing the opposite?

Successful brands occupy a specific niche, one by which they define themselves. They begin by seeing a need and wanting to fill it, then creating a way to deliver.

They state who they are, and back it up with words and icons, product, service, and hopefully a healthy measure of integrity. Carving out their brand space is difficult because it’s all about doing the opposite of what we are taught as young adults.

We are taught to fit in. Choose a side. Pick a number.

To succeed, we have to do the opposite, stand out. Rather than choosing a side, you have to appeal to a market and inspire them to choose you.

Picking a number is random, but once chosen, making the numbers work matters so that you can keep standing out and being chosen.

Kelly Hobkirk - teaching marketers how to harness strategy, goals, reality, and purpose to connect and do better work.


Kelly Hobkirk has been helping companies succeed in creative ways for nearly 25 years. His work has been featured in Time Magazine, and books by Rockport and Rotovision. Get exclusive articles when you sign up for his monthly newsletter.

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